Preset featuring camera with lighting. Max diameter 400mm and height 600mm. Spindle air vacuum locking mechanism.

Measuring range: max diameter 400 mm (radius 200 mm); max height 600 mm
• Steel machine structure offering high mechanical resistance and durability over time
• Natural granite base and column: max linearity error 4 µm/m – certification with Taylor Hobson res.1 µm/m electronic millesimal level
• Interchangeable spindle holder ISO/BT/HSK/VDI … etc. (to be specified in the order) – max run-out error < 4 µm
• Double arched prismatic guides : 2 (two) x- axis guides; 1 (one) z-axis guide
• Lifetime lubricated, double recirculating ball bearing slides (slide/guide preloading: P/H class)
• Manual mechanical brake for the rotation of the interchangeable spindle lock
• Constant load Archimedean spiral spring to counterbalance the gravitational forces of moving masses
• Vacuum spindle locking system
• Vision system for tool measuring and cutting insection featuring:
* C-MOS sensor – Framed image area 6.4×6.4 mm
* 30X magnification (approx.)
* Telecentric lens
* Doublet lens with low F-number, to eliminate the circle of non-sharpness
* Episcopic illuminator with toroidal lens and red circular LED lighting; Diascopic illuminator with red Pinpoint LED lighting
• Machine Operator Interface by means of:
* 15” TFT Colour Touch screen
* Intel Atom D.C. fanless motherboard
* UBUNTU LINUX operating system
* Data storage on SSD drive (Solid-state drive)
* x- and z-axis block management with the maximum travel speed control at 2mm/sec
* HUB with 3 (three) USB output ports and 1 (one) LAN network cable output port
• Standard software:
* Management of CNC machine origin and adapters
* Creation of tool lists and/or of single tools
* Td SIX (Tool data SIX) to manage:
– Tool set and Post Processor universal generator
– Magnetic code holders (Type: Balluff; hardware excluded)
– Tool list print report
– Management of theoretical measurements and tolerances
• Linear transducers in optical glass (type: SLIDE 371; certified for HP laser):
* Axis resolution: X = 1 µm, Z = 1 µm
• Anti-dust cover provided, for when not in use
• Overall dimensions: Length = 1070 mm
• Height = 1140 mm, Depth = 595 mm

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