STools24, new automatic vending machines for tools

STools automatic vending machines for tools: everything in the correct place, and a place for everything

Stools 24 and Stools24 Vertical are automatic dispensers in line with industry 4.0, that were conceived and designed to help manage, deliver and collect consumables in a better and easier way. They are ideal for machining workshops that operate in the field of machining for swarf removal. The STools24 vending machine features the motorised opening and closing of the product doors and a mechanical, anti crushing safety device. Thanks to the modular system, the “compartment” sizes may vary. It is also possible to manage bulk materials using TOOLBOXes (reclosable boxes that can be inserted into the storage cabinet compartments).

Materials that can be managed

The two automatic storage cabinet models can manage – miscellaneous tools: inserts, mills, drill bits and other products – spare parts – keys for metrology rooms, special cabinets or motor vehicles (this feature is very useful to guarantee the safety of objects that are important for the company) – assembly components and accessories – screws and bolts (together with counting scales) – tools, even heavy ones (max 20 kg) – spindles, tools for boring and reaming (max 20 kg).

A new way to manage materials

The demand for new consumables obliges companies to establish relationships with an ever-increasing number of suppliers. On the other hand, the need to limit costs requires reasoned purchases that must, however, fully satisfy the technical requirements of the company’s production. The flow analysis of these operations and their simplification, by identifying only economically significant actions, become crucial in order to save time and improve efficiency. Thanks to these automatic storage cabinets, and the constantly monitored management of the materials that they provide, were are able to satisfy our clients’ needs for their companies.

What are the advantages of these smart cabinets?

The main advantage that deserves to be mentioned is the amount of time saved while organising the production. In fact, these cabinets: – promptly provide the products required by the operators, when they need them (this cuts the high costs incurred by machine downtime because of tools not being available), and -immediately update and display the quantity of material in stock. The top priority of a production company is to enable its employees to work efficiently and correctly, without machine downtimes. Moreover, thanks to a dedicated space that manages the material easily and automatically, tidiness in the company is guaranteed. This system helps to avoid losing tools and inserts (because the department head can constantly monitor the stock available). Vending machines: automatic and smart too! The automatic storage cabinets designed by Schumantools can be customised with images, colours, logos and pictures supplied by the client. Thanks to this possibility, the automatic storage cabinet becomes a real marketing tool for the companies that choose to have one, displaying the corporate image to clients, partners, collaborators and visitors.

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