High speed for all machines with SchumanJET!

Applications: – milling – drilling – thread milling – engraving – chamfering – deburring – grinding. schumanjet moltiplicatore di giri

ST JET “GREEN JET”: high speed of rotation, powered by a coolant system| 20-40 bar / 35000-55000 rpm.

  • Compact design, ideal for tool changes
  • Suitable for processes with small-diameter tools
  • Real-time monitoring and view of the rpm, thanks to the wireless system
  • With high precision and low run-out, the modular ST-JET G Spindle with integrated ER32 collet offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.

ST JET “HP” high pressure – high speed.

The only high-speed spindle powered by the machine’s internal coolant, specifically designed for use with high-pressure coolant pumps. Ideal for finishing and semi-finishing operations using small-diameter tools; milling, drilling, chamfering, grinding and more.


moltiplicatori di giri schumanJET
moltiplicatori di giri schumanJET
moltiplicatori di giri schumanJET

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